Bulk Cargo

We have a modern and versatile fleet to transport agricultural-goods, bulk goods and other transport goods. With standard rear tippers, but also sliding floor trailers and large skips as well as side tippers we offer our customers a wide range of transport options. Thanks to our excellent partner network, we are able to offer our customers a complete transport solution using several modes of transport at our own terminals in ports and at train stations.

Silo wagon

We can respond to the individual wishes of our customers and offer the appropriate vehicle type with semitrailer and articulated trains that have a flexible multi-chamber system. We supply livestock farmer with feed for all animal species in northern Germany as well as in the neighbouring countries Denmark and Poland. Thanks to the cooperation with our subsidiary König Transportgesellschaft mbH we are able to realize feed transports nationwide across Germany.

Crane Trucks

There are three major qualities required for the supply of construction sector: competence, reliability and high adherence to delivery dates. As an expert in logistics tasks in building construction and civil engineering and with a modern fleet, we are able to meet your requirements at any time. Due to long-term partnerships with industry and trade, we have established ourselves as a specialist for the transport of construction site equipment and building materials of all kinds. The development of custom-made concepts for your individual requirements also includes the handling of various logistics tasks in the delivery by crane truck.

Special Cargo

Oversized goods is where our decades experience and continuous investment in an efficient fleet of vehicles pays off. Our trucks can be used highly variable at any time by changing the trailer. We use open and planned (tautliner) trailers, which can also be equipped with a truck-mounted forklift if required. The vehicle settings are approved to allow the transport of extra-wide goods up to three meters overwidth. Our swap body vehicles (motor vehicles + trailers with building material platform) make it possible to meet today’s requirements on construction sites and to approach particularly narrow access roads, even with oversized goods.




Job & Apprenticeship

Whether you are a trainee, direct entrant or experienced professional: We are looking for self-motivated employees who think and tackle things to participate in our Europe-wide logistics company.
In order to ensure the long-term success of our company, we rely on qualified and committed employees. We offer an attractive and exciting work environment in a young and dynamic team, attractive contract and remuneration conditions as well as numerous personal and professional development opportunities. We have many years of experience, which enables us to go forward with modern, innovative concepts and to play a major role in shaping the logistics industry.

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As a forwarding agency, our team consists of experienced and motivated commercial employees on the one hand, and reliable, customer and service-oriented drivers on the other. Especially in the harvest season in autumn, but also outside of this period, we are looking for committed and flexible drivers. You can send us an unsolicited application at any time.

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You have a strong logistical understanding and share our passion for solving complex logistical challenges? You like to work in a team and act customer- and cost-oriented? Do you like to face new challenges, work independently and purposefully and like to bring in your own ideas? You are always welcome to send us an unsolicited job application.

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You can think strategically and commercially, are communicative and would like to work in a team? Then we are looking for you!
Get to know the many facets of a successful, international logistics company and choose the right one for you.

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Mastering large vehicles is in your blood? You are enthusiastic about technical contexts and the challenges of our modern mobility are an incentive for you to become a driver of freight transport? You are not afraid of responsibility for vehicles and goods and are you ready to acquire extensive knowledge of freight transport and traffic safety? Then get in and take part in the freight transport of the future.

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Contact & Sales

Anne Prüß

Anne Prüß

Daniel Stjern

Daniel Stjern

Christian Witt

Kaufmännischer Leiter/Prokurist

Martin Sawatzki

Malte Steffen

Freight management Grain

Nick Steffen

Freight management feed

Nico Samelowsky

Freight management lime / fertilizer

Rahel Buttgereit

Freight management

Florian Hintz

Fuhrparkdisposition MV

Krisztian Nagy

Fuhrparkdisposition MV / Überregionaler Verkehr

Sebastian Schmidt

Fuhrparkdisposition Überregionaler Verkehr

Torsten Kuske

Fuhrparkdisposition SH

Marten Suhr

Fuhrparkdisposition SH

Janina Steinmetz

Fuhrparkdisposition SH

Preetzer Chaussee 129, 24222 Schwentinental, Fuhrpark@hage-logistik.de

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Sheila Bombis

Malte Scheffler

Ron Braesch


Jesse Paasch


Am Kreishafen 27-31, 24768 Rendsburg

Jürgen Seeber

Silodisposition SH

Ingo Bandholz

Silodisposition SH

Swenja Felten


Stefan Kursel

Silodisposition MV

Eric Rümcker

Freight management MV

Marco Hasenjäger

Freight management MV

Holger Leschke


Nadine Arnecke


Lisa Giggel


Sven Olczak


Katja Hartig


Karin Hinz

Bianca Kuske

Ruth Schmidt-Biedenkopf